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Easter Fun

This year's Easter activities went off rather well.

I went to Ruben's house for ye olde family gathering and I was reminded why I like my house as much as I do. Even though his is definitely in much nicer shape, mine has the potential to be much cooler in the long run. It has a better layout, more room, nicer architectural features... and less annoying neighbors (apparently their next door neighbor was an asshole and he called the police becuase one of their dogs was barking too much).

I had a really good time hanging out with the family. It's nice being reminded why I did come back here and how much I appreciate being able to see my family fairly regularly. I don't have to deal with them constnatly, but it's cool seeing the kids grow up and getting to know my siblings a lot better. When I was growing up the age difference was big enough that we never rally hung out and socliazed too much but once I was in college and especially since I moved back I'm defintely feeling a lot more connected to them.

I got a few nifty pictures of the assorted Easter goings on (including the easter egg hun) but I need to dump them off the camera so I'll put those up later.