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zhaan silly

Bad.... worse...

So, I finally got my greedy little hands on Day of the Dead (thus completing my collection of Romero's Dead Trilogy) and I came to appreciate many things.

Such as, realizing that, while zombies are bad, there are worse things out there.

What could be worse than a zombie you ask?

An Evil Clown Zombie!!

Heh, the embodiement of two of my all time biggest childhood fears. Yes, I was afraid of clowns... and zombies... You know, come to think of it I still think clowns are pretty creepy ;).

I have some zombie movie ramblings to post later, but right now I'm heading out to VI for some pie.


Ewww.... zombies. And clowns.

Is this from "Day of the Dead"? I don't remember this scene. Hmph.