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Coming Soon: Moya V3.0

After about a month of looking, I finally settled on and ordered Moya's new case and power supply this week. They got here last night and I just tore into the boxes this morning (newegg's shipping really kicks ass).

I have to say this case is niiiiiiiiice. I was poking around it this morning and I was quite happy (damn near giddy in fact) with what I found. I haven't actually tried to install things in it yet so my opinion may change if I encounter some really horrible design flaw, but from what I've seen so far I'm definitely smitten by the shiny new case.

I have to buy a few more components before I can put her together, but hopefully I'll be able to assemble the third iteration of Moya in the next week or two.

Mmmmmmm new hardware....

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