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da vinci dragon

Random movie geek comment

Even though I tend to highly dislike the MPAA and the regional encoding system, I must admit to enjoying the sense of satisfaction that I get when I can get around it and watch DVDs from other regions. Particularly when the DVDs in question aren't available in the US (i.e. Region 1).

In other news, I've been a bum this weekend and I haven't done anything of any real significance or usefullness. I'm definitely starting to feel a bit like the proverbial lump on a log. I should do something about that....


Man, I'd love a simple way to get around the region crap with my computer's dvd (set for region 1). It's getting hard to find region free Korean movies.
I guess it depends on what you would consider simple and how much you want to watch those movies. I usually watch DVDs on my computer using Xine, but I don't know how well that's been ported to non *nix environments. The other alternative would be installing Linux on your computer which might be worth it but it's not a completely trival operation.

If/when Xine runs on your OS of choice though I highly recommend it. I've used it to watch all sorts of DVDs and video files with different regional encoding (some of which had errors that made them difficult to play on standard DVD players).