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fun sign

No rest for the wicked

Wow, would you look at that, a post.

Now to see if it has any content ;).

So, yeah. I've been doing a remarkably poor job of socializing and posting lately.

Partially I'm just stressing about work/family stuff that's taking forever to resolve, partially I'm feeling a bit blob-like, and partially I have a bit of a girl situation.

Work/family stuff is proceeding but it's slow and hard to figure out. I think I am making progress, but it seems like every time I think I'm getting a handle on things, a new problem develops that errodes some of my progress. Work has been a neverending series of "three steps forward, two steps back, one step forward, two steps back, two steps forward, one step back..." etc...

Although I suppose I do find some morbid amusement in the fact that the number of grey hairs in my beard has increased noticeably in the last year or so (there were like 8 at last count) and I think I can definitely track their appearance directly to stress (so apparently my life is now more stressfull than it was when I was at MIT... yikes!).

As far as feelig blob-like goes. Eh, I'm making progress, but I've been trying to get up early enough to work out in the AM before work and so far it's been a week and I still can't do it. That gets discouraging. This afternoon it occurred to me that I should try to either work out before work, or immediately after work if I don't get up early enough, but this afternoon I ended up outside dealing with the grass problem in the front yard (grass and weeds have infiltrated the rock landscaping in the front). I just need to make time to work out regularly. I think my diet is about right for how much physical stuff I tend to do, but I need to do that on a regular basis. It's been hard right now and I feel like I'm starting the perilous slide towards Jabba-ness which does not help my mood in the slightest.

Oh, and finally the girl situation. Yeah. Umm... I'm not going to go into that just yet, but I am increasingly convinced that the powers that be are just e-vil. Just once, I would like to figure out that there is a mutual attraction to a casual aquiantence when that person and I are still in the same fucking city. This is starting to feel like a bad joke. I meet someone, think they're cool, time passes we move on (literally) and then next thing I know we're both thinking about a possible romantic encounter of some sort.

No, I will not elaborate any further on the girl situation just yet. The last time I got my hopes up for a member of the opposite sex, I ended up wanting to cause her some amount of pain and discomfort (and not in the fun and entertaining way I would normally want to). I'm going to be optomistic and see where this goes but my hopes are being kept firmly on the ground.

Hmmm would you look at that. I guess you could qualify that as some kind of content ;)


I'm assuming it's not who I may think it is...remember, we LIKE this VI hehe :-P
Nope, not her.

The person you might think it is lives in this city, the victim errr person in question lives elsewhere.
hehe...should have figured :-P