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Hey kids, what time is it?

Way too bloody late that's what it is.

Can someone tell me why I get the urge to fix random things around the house sometime around 11pm on many a random night? I finally fixed a piece of molding in the upstairs hall bathroom and I installed the worklight for my computer desk (i.e. the desk where I can assemble and disassemble computers and the like).

Before that I had dinner with my folks and R&A at R&A's house. Shishkabobs and crab salad, mmmmmm (although I suspect it was krab (tm) salad, it was still quite tasty... a comment about the abilities of the chef more so than the quality of the processed crab-like product).

I spent most of the day painting furniture. I discovered that this is not as easy as painting rooms and it's the sort of activity that I probably shouldn't pursue in non-empty rooms (oops). I primed my old wooden army issue filing cabinet, my CD-sized bookcase, and an old copier stand. I'm still debating if I want to paint of stain one of the bookcases in the office and I'm considering what colors to actually paint the already primed items.

Yeeesh, if my life was any less thrilling, I'd have to live in a monastery.

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