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It's a-live!

So I got Moya V3.0 built and chugging along nicely. I still need to tweak some stuff, but so far at least Linux is running on it w/o any problems (it looks like my XP CD is now a coaster, I'll need to get that replaced ASAP). I owe folks replies to comments and those will be coming soon (I was semi-offline the last couple of days dealing with the new machine) but it may not be until sometime this weekend (I'm having someone visiting for a long-ish visit starting this weekend so my time to sit in front of a computer and be anti-social is likely to be seriously impaired for a while ;).

Anyways, here are a few pictures since I figured out how to read my camera's CF card on my PC at work :)

An Empty Case:

The Finished Product:

Nothing too spectacular, but the new PC makes me happy (or at least less grumpy ;)


WOW! That's nice! You're hired! Looks great. I'm glad you are happy with it.