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superfly t.n.t.

Hmmm... Hidden messages anyone?

I came across this on CNN this morning.

Does anyone else get the feeling that the hidden message to this story is:

Breeding is good, breed like this woman!

What the fuck are these people thinking? Fifteen kids? 15 kids in 16 years (even including a couple of pairs of twins) means that she's been pregnant for most of the time since she started having kids (about 61% of the time I think). Fortunately the family seems to be well off financially, but I think these folks are taking the whole "family values" thing way too far. Honestly I would say that they're well into the range where they just can't pay as much attention to each of their kids as they deserve and that's just fucked up. It's one thing if a single mom has trouble spending "quality time" with her kid(s), but these idiots probably probably have similar problems and it's because they just keep having more kids. That's fucked up.

These folks really need to stop and think about their batallion of kids before popping out another one (or six).

Now don't get me wrong, I think having kids can be a very cool thing. If people feel up to the task of raising a family then they have my utmost respect, but in this day and age, 15 kids and the "we might have more" mentality is textbook breeder in the worst sense. Those people have no regard for their kids and their welfare, they've just gotten it into their heads that they want more kids without stopping to appreciate the ones they do have. They might say they love all of their kids equally but how do they come up with the time to spend with them? Just because they say that they love them doesn't mean that they can show that by being good parents to each and every one of their kids. Each kidlet needs and deserves to be more than just a number in some twisted overpopulation scheme.

There just aren't enough hours in the day to properly care for each kidlet and this woman gets a "young mother of the year" award? Did she get extra points because she can pop them out in bulk? Damn, these people scare me.


um, yeah, what the crap? awards for having lots of kids? that's just totally fucked up. *sigh*

"MARRY AND REPRODUCE!" a la They Live!
"MARRY AND REPRODUCE!" a la They Live!


I'm much more of the "FUCK AND SUBVERT" kinda guy.
37 != young mother. Unless your definition is kinda wacky.
Yeah, especially down south, I'd say that she's at least 25 years too old for that award by Arkansas standards :-p
My response to him was "Tell heidi to get ready to compete"

I'll be over here on the sidelines being happy that I have no hellspawn kidlets of my own.

I think the part that most bugged me was that this woman wants more kids. She's alreaedy planning on having more and she's not even out of the hospital with this one yet.
this sounds like my paternal grandmother who had about the same number kids... of course, she died young but that was probably because she was a rice farmer too.

now, i agree that 15 kids are just way too many (actually 1 is one too many for me right now) and that the world is overpopulated as it is.. so the award is ridiculous-- no argument here.

however, certain communities/cultures have this many kids as a way of life. their quality of life isn't what i'd choose, but they could still be raising their kids "properly". mormons in utah apparently have unimaginable numbers of kids and are able to raise them because they have community support (from all the other mormons). the women stay home w/ the kids, they avoid things that cost $$ like movies or eating out. they can afford houses because they pay for the land, then do a lot of the building. older siblings help watch younger ones. a post-doc who went to the university of utah says that crime rates were very low, and they took care of the less fortunate.

i can't imagine the kids wanting a similar way of life when they're older, or that their way of life will survive for a very long time given urban sprawl and people wanting nice places to live, but, for now, their system seems to work. scary religion, involves conformity (everyone supposedly looks like someone else's cousin) & having numerous kids... not to mention giving up drinking, eating out & "having fun".
now, i agree that 15 kids are just way too many (actually 1 is one too many for me right now)

I feel the same way. I'd consider having a kid if my S.O. really wanted to, but currently I'm not all that enthusiastic about the prospect.

I suppose this is why I have trouble understanding these people. They seem to exist in modern U.S. society/culture and yet they're still popping these kids out every year or two. I've seen my sister struggle to help her kids through college, pay for their needs etc. I've seen lots of parents struggle to teach their kids right and wrong and fail. It seems that for any family (even those with stay are home parents) more than 4 or 5 kids is seriously pushing their ability to properly monitor and raise their kids and for most people with 2 careers more than 2 or 3 is probably going to be a stretch.

I think that in a highly homogenous culture/society you can have tons of kids and count on your tribe/village to help you out, but given all the challenges of parenting in modern America (and all the differing and occasionally negative influences), I think these folks are setting up a situation where some of their kids won't get the attention they need and Bad Things may come about. Sure, handing the kids off to older siblings will help with some of that, but honestly I think that relying on that is horribly unfair to the older kids

Why should their 16 year old have to help raise a baby that they didn't have? I've known people who had to be surrogate parents to their siblings because the family was very large and their folks couldn't do it all by themselves, and that bugs me. Where's the personal responsability if two people can't properly raise/manage their kids on their own? Needing the occasional hand in order to make things run more smoothly is one thing, but needing to draft the older kids to be de-facto parents is highly uncool.

I guess it seems that the biggest problem with raising kids right is being able to pay enough attention to each of them so that they really learn right from wrong and I don't see how they can honestly know they are doing that with 15 kids (and plans for more). I understand that some cultures think that having tons and tons of kids is just dandy (some cultures thought slavery was pretty cool too), but I think each kid deserves a substantial bit of individual parental attention and these folks have crossed a threshold and I don't think they can pay enough individual attention to their children on a regular basis.
I know! 15 kids is too many for anyone... Did you noticed she had the first kid at 21, four years after she married her husband...who has a suspiciously backwoods/hallar name? That means they married at 17 or 16!
Well, they are from Arkansas so it's not all that surprising. I think the biggest surprise is that he's not her cousin/brother/close relative... errr... at least I hope he's not.