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repent biblical binomial chestnut

Heh, those were the last four words in one of the random bits of spam I found in my inbox this morning. I now expect to see many repentant binomial (and a few polynomial) chestnuts running around. Any minute now.....

Heh, ok, I need a life. Well maybe not a life per se. I seem to have one. A rather complicated one at that. Work is work. Relationship is... interesting. I've been a bit of a hermit lately and I need to change that. I've been neglecting way too many friends lately and that's not very cool. I still keep up with LJ but lately I haven't posted to much actual content because I haven't quite felt up to whining about stuff. Eh, maybe not whining, but I've been doing my best to actually do stuff (or at least do stuff to avoid doing stuff) and not spend too much time analyzing life and people and whatnot....

I think it's time for some analyzing. Some of the stuff I'm sorting out just doesn't want to fit and I could use some ideas.

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