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Life imitating Star Wars

Ok, so am I the only person who finds CNNs choice for their all encompassing news title (America Strikes Back) just a little bit poorly thought out? Its been bugging me all week. It sounds like something that a not-too-bright CNN staffer pitched and sold based on general "We recognize the general phrase" without stopping to think that it inadvertently aligns America with Empire as in Evil Empire from Star Wars and that's not cool.

I mean if you look at it (based on episodes 4 and 5): A small Rebel group (heavily reliant on faith/religion) invades a stronghold of the Evil Empire. They destroy said stronghold and leave the Empire rather pissed. Empire attacks Rebels in their inhospitable base using superior technology and thoroughly spank the Rebels....

Of course there is still episode 6....

Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to make light of the current national situation. I'm mostly just annoyed that CNN couldn't come up with a better news title that didn't align "us" with the bad guys in one of the better known pup culture properties from the last 30 years or so.


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