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Cheesy Movie Goodness

Hit Best Buy with Dave earlier and I came home with a slew of new uber-cheap B-grade (and lower) horror movies.

Tonight's fabulous aquisitions include:

  • She Demons
  • Bride of the Gorilla
  • The Sound of Horror
  • Monstrosity
  • Black Dragons
  • The Devil's Partner
  • The Terror
  • Mutant
  • Dead Men Walk
  • The Monster Maker
  • Lady Frankenstein
  • Sisters of Death
  • Good Against Evil
  • Scared to Death
  • Silent Night, Bloody Night
  • Night Train to Terror
  • Snowbeast
  • The Devil's Nightmare
  • Moon of the Wolf
  • The Satanic Rites of Dracula
  • Night of the Blood Beast
  • King of the Zombies
  • Kill, Baby... Kill!

and last but not least...

  • Attack of the Giant Leeches

Now I just need to find some folks to watch these movies with in true MST3K fashion.

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