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Time. To. Sleep!

I've been going to bed for the last hour.

However in that time I've managed to end up writing about 10 emails.

I want to be up by around 5/5:30 so I can get in a decent work out before heading into the office. I'll be highly impressed if I can pull that off.

Oooooo, it's thundering and threatening to raing (yet again, that's like the 4th day in a row out this way). So tempted to go hang out on the porch for a while.


Damn it. Off, to bed with me. Now!


Mmmm... rain usually puts me to sleep and hard. I wish it were raining here.

I can generally sleep through most things but a major thunderstorm invariably distracts me enough that I have trouble dozing off.
be *UP* by 5/5:30 am? ow! the pain! the agony!
staying up past 5 or 5:30 am is great fun, but getting up is another totally icky story.