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zhaan silly

Monk gloats over yoga championship "I am the serenest!"

Heh, real or humor*? Regardless, it's still quite amusing....

Yoga for you and your cat, Yoga Kitty

* - Hehe, don't forget to check out their cool links page


Think it would help to curb the 'let's-go-into-the-bathroom-and-shred-an-entire-roll-of-TP' behaviour my cats seem to be so fond of...?

dastardly felines!

I suspect the small orange one was the real mastermind behind the shredding. My cats used to shred anything and everything they could get their sharp little claws on when they were about that size. Now they mostly lounge around the house except for the occasional burst of running around like mad for no apparent reason.

I think putting the TP out of their reach is probably going to work better than yoga ;)