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Is it Friday yet?

Well I finally got caught up (I think) on all the email that I'd been putting off for the last few months (I had a few messages from November of last year). All done. Everyone who's emailed me (semi-)recently should have heard from me and if you haven't then you should remind me that I missed your email.

I was feeling pretty lame about the whole email thing. You know when you hit that point where you feel bad sending email because it's been a (long) while and you don't have a particularly good reason/excuse for not responding sooner (like say in the same year)? That's where I was. I just hadn't wanted to sit down and whine about my life and I put it off thinking "well things will be more interesting next week/month so I'll email them then". Of course the fatal flaw in that master plan is that once things do get interesting I have no time to sit at the computer writing 20 or so emails. Yeah. I'm going to have to make a point about being better about this. Hmmm... I'm also going to have to check and see if I missed any comments recently too, but that will have to wait until afternoon as I should be getting some work done now.

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