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The Wanderer


I got my passport today. About time too. I can now, officially, leave the country and go places (and as a special bonus they have to let me back in when I'm done ;). Heh, suddenly I want to see if I can fill it up before it expires. Hmmm so many places to wander to, so little time, money, and company... Then again hopefully some of those issues will be resolved before long.

Anyways, I'm psyched. I can now plan my trip with more confidence (I was half afraid that something would happen and it would be a big ordeal to get it in time etc...).


Yeah, I agree. Although having grown up on the border, the concept of having to have a passport in order to move across an international border is a little odd.

Come to think of it, it's a bit weird here because there's usually tighter scrutiny at the INS checkpoints well inside the US than there is at the actual border crossings (as k (a British citizen) & I discovered on our way to Carlsbad Caverns).
I think everyone should have a passport so they can jet off to Europe for a weekend, should the need arise. :)
Ah yes, I must remember to have my emergency "jet off to Europe" travel kit at the ready ;).

I'm actually eyeing places in South America for possible trips. k mentioned wanting to see Argentina and I like the idea of going someplace where I can (theoretically) speak the language.

Still though it's neat knowing that I can end up going to far off places at a moment's notice.

so where are you going?

i have this vague feeling that you should write me an email, but i've been pretty bad about writing lately myself...
I'm tentatively planning on going to South Africa for a couple of weeks at the end of summer

How about I give you a call?
wow. why South Africa? that sounds neat, anyhow. i'd also vote for getting to the Galapagos as soon as possible...though I think that trip was definitely enhanced by doing it with a bunch of people i knew (or at least had some vague connection to).

definitely call. i've been mostly a hermit since getting back, and not so good at keeping up the communication, but i'm trying.