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Seperated at Birth?

You know, I really don't think CNN likes GWB.

Why? Well, this morning's CNN homepage for one.

Were these two seperated at birth?


I wouldn't assume that they don't like the man merely because they post highly unflattering images of him. Rather, I have yet to see him in anything remotely resembling an intelligent, attractive, or otherwise appealing light anywhere, in any photograph. I simply don't think he's capable of taking a good picture.
Actually that's not what made me think of that. I've heard it from numerous sources that CNN tends to be more liberal leaning and places like Fox News tend to be conservative. Not that they mis-report things (much), but it does influence their reporting in some subtle and some not-so-subtle ways.

I agree with you that GWB isn't all that easy to photograph, and he does have a habit of making faces... a lot, but they could have picked a shot where he didn't have his patented babbling babboon face going on. I'd be surprised if the staffer who picked that particular frame didn't pick it because of the look on his face.
I agree with you, actually - I've seen the distinctly unflattering pictures, headlines, etc. that certain media outlets have used for W, leaving little doubt as to their feelings. They do, though, under-report things they really should be reporting - like, our vice-president is under criminal investigation and where, WHERE are the headlines? W walks away from press briefings because he doesn't feel like answering questions about Cheney and Enron - where are the headlines? What president has ever gotten away with such obscenely unpresidential behavior as *giving the finger to protesters* and not been slammed in the media for it?

Anyway, I was just being snarky at that ugly, ugly man.