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Seperated at Birth?

You know, I really don't think CNN likes GWB.

Why? Well, this morning's CNN homepage for one.

Were these two seperated at birth?


I agree with you, actually - I've seen the distinctly unflattering pictures, headlines, etc. that certain media outlets have used for W, leaving little doubt as to their feelings. They do, though, under-report things they really should be reporting - like, our vice-president is under criminal investigation and where, WHERE are the headlines? W walks away from press briefings because he doesn't feel like answering questions about Cheney and Enron - where are the headlines? What president has ever gotten away with such obscenely unpresidential behavior as *giving the finger to protesters* and not been slammed in the media for it?

Anyway, I was just being snarky at that ugly, ugly man.