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Clear Sign of Aging #38

Excitedly making a batch of chocolate chip cookies so you can try out your new stand mixer only to discover that eating 2 or 3 of them is about all you can handle. Furthermore, realizing that the prospect of eating more cookies actually makes you a bit quesy.

The cookies were absolutely delicious though. Really, that's the problem. They's just tooooo yummy. I was thinking that this might be why I rarely try my hand at desserts. A properly made dessert is just too decadent and tends to make me twitchy (hurray for a fear of diabetese).

I suppose I'll be giving away cookies now.

The stand mixer is faboo though. I loves my onyx black stand mixer with a bazillion attachments.


Is it a Kitchen Aid?
OOoohhhhh, I would be more than happy to take some of those extra cookies off your hands! LMAO!
I'm glad you love your stand mixer. I have a heavy duty KitchenAide that I bought years ago, and I still love it! It has to be one of the best kitchen purchases I've ever made, next to my pots and pans, of course. ;-)
ha! same here. connie is a bottomless pit *except* when it comes to desserts. luckily, my entire lab has a major sweet tooth!! i need to get little tart pans so i can make mini desserts. (i've been doing fruit tarts topped with all sorts of ripe summer fruit.)
oh yeah-- what was #1? (or #1-#37??)