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Here you have something I saw on my travels last week. I was stopped waiting for traffic to clear up near a construction site and I noticed a couple of burned out wrecks. They just struck me as looking rather unusual so I whipped out the camera to snap some pictures (you may have noticed that I like taking random pictures of things that get my attention).

But wait, there's more! What's that on the bumper of the second car?

_R_ _ER

Hmmm... Let's play Wheel of (mis)Fortune. Would you like to solve the puzzle?

I suppose someone isn't getting their driver's license after all ;).

When I saw the student driver car I couldn't help but picture some hapless kid managing to find the magic combination of wiper+headlight+radio+high_beams+interior_lights that would make their car spontaneously combust and the ensuing fun.

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