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Here you have something I saw on my travels last week. I was stopped waiting for traffic to clear up near a construction site and I noticed a couple of burned out wrecks. They just struck me as looking rather unusual so I whipped out the camera to snap some pictures (you may have noticed that I like taking random pictures of things that get my attention).

But wait, there's more! What's that on the bumper of the second car?

_R_ _ER

Hmmm... Let's play Wheel of (mis)Fortune. Would you like to solve the puzzle?

I suppose someone isn't getting their driver's license after all ;).

When I saw the student driver car I couldn't help but picture some hapless kid managing to find the magic combination of wiper+headlight+radio+high_beams+interior_lights that would make their car spontaneously combust and the ensuing fun.


There is a really fabulous artcar called "stuDENT driver" in houston that has won the people's choice award at least 2 years. it's fabulous. the guy who built it had an aunt who got rammed in the side leaving the car still mechanically sound and driveable and he convinced her to give it to him instead of declaring it totalled and he just had fun with it... I will have to find pictures for you.
doesn't fully do it justice, but here's one pic I found: http://randyvision.com/ArtistsArtCarBall/02BallPics/MVC-006Fb.jpg