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I did it...

As of yesterday afternoon I am officially cable-(tv)-less.

Well in principle at least. I may still be able to pick up basic cable channels on the TV since I kept roadrunner, but I'm not all that excited about testing out that theory. I'm actually kind of enjoying knowing that one major time sink is no more.

Of course I promptly got slightly sick (sore throat and cough). Hopefully that'll be done with today. I think it's just my body's way of telling me to slow down a bit (or perhaps speed up and get my ass in gear more... hard to say).

Anyhow. I'm going to putter about the house a bit now.


just hook up the cable to the TV upstairs since it's easier to run the cable to that to test it
The cable is still run out to the big TV (I just disconnected the cable box). Connecting it isn't the problem. I just don't want the temptation.
i just stared at your icon for way longer than i should have :|
You're getting sleeeeeepy.... veeeeery sleeeeeepy.....

The icon is just for you!

I didn't get a chance to reply the other day, I LOOOVED your long entry about fast food and our fast life style in general.

As much as I'm bonded to my television, I appalaud what you are doing. I very rarely watch any "regular" television now, everything is cable for me... and even though i consider it one of my best friends, I've been very careful to not become lazy and stare motionless at its bright picture for hours at a time. I have my "shows" as my grandmother use to say, and that is that.

You, Dave and I seem to be on the same wavelength with the getting healthy thought. Maybe we should form some sort of collalition!

Re: The icon is just for you!

How about The Coalition of the Barely Willing? :-p

I used to have my "shows" but I've mostly either lost track of them (Enterprise, Smallville) or they went off the air (Farscape, Buffy, Angel, Firefly). Really the only show that I would still watch regularly is Good Eats and I can get that on DVD (along with all the others I enjoyed).

After my experiment in not watching TV a few months back I thought I'd just watch a little bit and I did that for a while, but I've noticed that when I'm on my own I tend to pop the TV on for background noise and invariably I get sucked into some show. When k was here we watched almost no cable TV (plenty of movies though), but after she left, what really bugged me is that, I started to catch myself doing the "damn there's nothing on.... oh look something's starting in 20 minutes I'll wait around for that..." thing and before I knew it the entire evening would be gone.

It's not even that I don't move around all evening. I do actually manage to work out and walk the dogs fairly regularly (almost daily in fact), but aside from that I kept realizing that "oh I wanted to do _____ today and it's too late now" because I'd gotten sucked into watching "just one more show".

I suppose the nifty thing is that I haven't missed it at all so far (and based on my experimental data I doubt that I will). Heh, I think the one thing I've missed about having cable is the clock on the cable box (I need to put some sort of clock in that room ;).
I must say, while I could live without cable and not miss it terribly much, I do like being able to see motorcycles shows on Speed and Good Eats on Food.

For me, the way to do a similar thing would be to do less on the computer and the PS2. Which I'm beginning to do, what with the riding and all (which isn't really exercise, but it is getting fresh air ;).
TLC has some pretty nifty vehicle shows too. Perhaps it's a good thing that I hadn't gotten sucked into Speed TV ;). Believe it or not Good Eats was one of the deciding factors on the TV thing and what finally decided me is that I want to buy the DVDs for the extra material and I realized that once I factored that out I didn't really need cable TV for anything. Every show that I would want to watch repeatedly is available on DVD and I generally prefer watching movies in widescreen (so the movie channels aren't all that useful).

Hopefully one of these days I'll be able to sink lots of time into riding again, but even in the meantime between working on the house, working on the cars, wanting to do more computer stuff etc... I have more than enough stuff to do (and let's not forget the potential girl related time sink that could open up ;) so not watching TV isn't really a hardship.