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skull & cross bones

This post brought to you by the letter C...

... as in coroner.

I was driving to the office after dealing with an annoying and incompetent Firestone tire dealer this morning. I was mildly annoyed (and still mildly sick) and grumbling about typical Monday's. Then I happened to look over to the river and see several police cars lined up at the border.

Along with the coroner's van.

You know, that kinda put my Monday morning in perspective. At least my day isn't going anywhere near that bad.


as long as you don't cross into the US illegally today you should be ok :-)
Eh, I figure so long as no part of my day/week/year involves a ride in the coroner's van, it's all good.
reminds me of my favorite amy the hearse queen quote - "Don't let your first ride in a hearse be your last!"
You know, that's a good point. Perhaps I should just aim to not be a customer of any hearses or coroner's vans for as long as possible.