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Despite what weather.com says, my thermometers say that It is 105* outside.

I just got home from work. After a very long day of work I realized that I was doing a damn fine Pigpen impression. When I took my boots off right now they both produced mini dust clouds. Same thing for shirt and pants (yay cargo shorts).

I'm about to take a very long, very cold shower (a bath just wouldn't cut it right now as I don't fancy sitting in a tub full of ultra dirty water).

Then I get to clean up the mess that cats made.

Then I get to share some girl angst with some of you.

Fun fun fun....

(but at least I do have that laptop :-p)


soap on a rope from a dope

*hands Vic the Sam's Club sized Soap-On-A-16-Strand-Rope and a rubber ducky*


sometimes i feel like pigpen, too, after a good night throwing clay. i've been clean for way too long!! it's a good feeling, getting up from the wheel and realizing that i'm splattered with clay from head to toe.
"Then I get to share some girl angst with some of you."

Yeah, yeah, yeah...girl angst. Puullleeezzzzzzzzzzzz! I have major BOY angst stories! I bet we could swap horror stories while throwing back a couple of cold ones! LOL
Sounds like you need a couple of cold something or others in all that heat!