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Zombie Goodness

How cool is this?

Zombie movie filming at Chernobyl

I particularly dig these comments from the end of the article:

"Chernobyl is very spooky and serves our purpose -- we are shooting in all these abandoned towns and villages, with rusting equipment lying around everywhere," Fradis says.

The sense of a post-apocalyptic world dawns as we follow the Chaika around the Chernobyl district.

Grass and shrubs sprout from holes in the sides of crumbling cottages. A graveyard for helicopters, fire trucks and other equipment used in the cleanup operation in 1986 stretches beside a road. In Pripyat, the deserted town that once housed the reactor's work force and their families, children's toys still litter the rubbish-strewn kindergarten, and fading Soviet slogans adorn the sides of gaunt concrete apartment blocks.

It's an unsettling experience that should translate into a chilling opening sequence, perfect for a movie titled "Necropolis."

I can't wait to see this.


Isn't it though?

Come to think of it I hope they do a good "making of" for it too. Now that would just pile awesome on top of utterly cool.