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Oy, who's been messing with the weather?

It's raining tonight.


Now, normally I'm a fan of rain. So long as it happens when I don't need to be on the road and dealing with the local driving zombies I run into encounter on the roads here, I'm all for a good downpour, but this makes it 5 consecutive days that it's rained out by my house.


Mind you, I live in the desert and annoyingly, I had just spent an hour or so, this afternoon, spraying vegetation killer in the hopes of getting rid of the grass and weeks that are growing where they shouldn't be.

This is probably what I get for declaring "I have decided that it will not rain anymore" right before I did it. It's kind of like washing your car. If you have the audacity to decide that it won't be raining for a few days, the powers that be will happily demonstrate just how little you do know.

Oh well. It is a nice storm... and sitting out here with ye olde wireless connection is pretty cool too (yes, having a functional wireless network in my house still makes me happy and geekily giddy, especially now that I can actually use it regularly).


We'll have to get you to come try your rain making skills here in Canberra..... ;)
Have passport, will wreak havoc with your weather ;)
Excellent *chuckles*
I want some regionally improbable weather too! No fair hogging all of it!
hehe you should hit the grass/weeds w/ the weedwhacker in the evening, then drown the areas w/ the veg killer in the morning eheh...give it at least a few hours to work before the rain starts up

...we haven't had more than a sprinkle in 2days :-P
Yeah..... Mark just said the other day- 'WTF is up with all this rain? I thought this was the desert?' ...aw, the Jersey boy is confused by this weather. LOL