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Night of the ____a(u/w)n of the Dead...

Last night was cool. lostshady & markusmisery came over and we did a Shaun of the Dead & Dawn of the Dead double feature.

Ah, there was much wholesome zombie fun at ye olde Spooky Old Haus.

It was great getting to sit around geeking about horror movies (and movies and TV shows in general). That plus the fact that Shaun of the Dead was fucking awesome (first time any of us had seen it) and Dawn of the Dead (yes, the remake) made a hell of a lot more sense with all the footage they added (e.g. we now know how they got into the mall in the first place).

I had a great time and we discussed possibly doing some combination of Buffy/Angel nights and/or cheesy/not-so-cheesy movie nights (with a heavy dose of monster/horror movies).

It's something I've been thinking about dong for a while, so I'm seriously considering this.

As a random survey, are there any local folks who read this who'd be up for doing that once a week or once a couple of weeks (ish)?



Zombie Night at ye olde Spooky Old Haus ruled... thanks so much for inviting us!! Shaun Of The Dead kicked total fucking ass...! I love-love-loved it. It's easily one of the best zombie movies ever in my opinion. And the deleted bits in Dawn sure did make a lot more sense of some things. Plus there was some interesting gory bits in the deleted stuff too. Awesome.

And you know Misery & I are TOTALLY up for doing Buffy/Angel and/or cheesy/non-cheesy horror movie nights. It sounds exxxcellent. I'll bring the homemade pico de gallo, woot! :P

Re: Z-Day

Glad you guys had fun out here.

I'll definitely be showing more movies now that there are at least a couple of people who will show up ;)

We definitely need to find more cool horror connoisseurs for those nights though.
sorry about last night. i tweaked my back while cutting the grass (i'm the only person in history to do this I'm sure). I reached down to pickup the lawnmower so I could clean it and bang...oushy!

using a Republican tactic, this was taken totally out of context: I've been thinking about dong for a while :-P

I'm local i think...I'd be up for a movie night...hehe
I've been thinking about dong for a while :-P

Oooook. That's a little bit more information than I needed :-p
no, that's how it was in your post hehe. "doing" was misspelled :-P
what's Shaun of the Dead?

also, this reminds me that i've been meaning to have a movie-night or two sometime to show Jesus Christ, Vampire Slayer and Six-String Samurai. (oh, and another artsy-craftsy day. and having people over for dinner. and getting a life. right.)
Hmmmm I should show SSS sometime. I've never actually seen JCVS. I might need to dig that one up.

It's looking like I might try semi-regular movie nights in the near future (we'll see how frequently they do actually happen though).
Oh, BTW Shaun of the Dead

It's a great riff on the whole zombie thing and it really rewards those of us with an unhealthy fondness for zombie movies. It's a simple enough plot. Loser guy and his even bigger loser of a best friend try to save loser guy's mom and ex-girlfriend from the hordes of the undead that are running (well shambling) rampant in London. Hilarity ensues.

I highly recommend it. It's brilliant.
heh. i'm not such a huge zombie fan, but it sounds like it'd be worth digging up anyhow. i'll keep an eye out for it.