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Gmail Invites

Google is at it again

I have 5 invites for anyone who still doesn't have a gmail account.

Email or comment to snag one.

(and I'll need your name if I don't have it and a valid email address)


Me! Me!


Thanks :)
Cool. Sorry for the lag. I didn't check email until this morning.

You should have an invite waiting for you.
I have no idea what gmail is.... *blank face* ...but I keep hearing people talking about it.....?
It's what happens when Goggle decides it wants to get into the webmail business. Check out www.gmail.com, I think it might even have some information.
I think I think it might even have some information.

*gasp* What's this? A webpage with useful information? Astonishing ;-p
It's google's take on webmail with the most notable feature being that it comes with 1Gb of storage. It's actually what prompted others (like yahoo) to up their quotas to 100Mb a couple of months back.
BTW, do you an M want some invites to gmail? I still have a few.
i've lost your email address....

my server ip has changed.

please update your dns to point to

Thanks for the info. It's been updated.

BTW, I tried to ssh in, but I was unable to. Did something change with the server?
the only thing that happened was that i broke your passwd file entry on the new box.


should be fixed now.