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The nice quiet neighborhood...

Last night was a bit odd.

I managed to get around to working on the erg a bit as well as doing some weight stuff. I'd been slacking a bit recently so I pushed myself fairly hard. Then I hopped in the shower and once I was non-icky I pretty much passed out fairly early.

Passed out that is until the cops pulled someone over in front of my house and proceeded to arrest him and have his car towed away (the entire process took about 30 minutes and there were very bright lights flashing in my window the entire time).

Eventually I went out and watched the show from my porch swing.

Despite being a very quiet neighborhood most of the time, I can't help but notice that odd and noteworthy stuff tends to happen around here more often than you'd expect.


I was awakened one morning to the sound of bullhorns. I opened my front door to find the SWAT team outside my apartment. They had completely surrounded the next apartment building over from mine. That was an interesting way to wake up.
Better than being woken up by SWAT coming in your front door and windows.

That does seem very surreal though. I wonder if the SWAT team would be annoyed if you pulled up a lawn chair and watched the festivities from comfortable spot.
If it was my neighborhood and that happened, they would have woken up all the children and broken out into song and dance and started barbecuing. Any time is party time where I live!

That's one god thing about living in a neighborhood with loads of old people. No one can really have a party beyond like 1-2 am on the weekends. After that everyone starts calling the cops.

One time I got annoyed by bass that I could feel 2 blocks away from the party and by the time I called they apparently already had a half dozen or so complaints and they were already sending 2 cars over.
Weird. Don'tcha just love living in a weird old neighborhood...? ;)

I was up one night at like, 3:30 a.m. and saw about 5 police cars, an ambulance, and a firetruck in front of my house, and each end of my street was blocked off by cop cars parked to block the street. There were cops everywhere with flashights, and they were out there for about an hour and a half.

And to this day, I dunno wtf they were doing or what was going on! :|
And to this day, I dunno wtf they were doing or what was going on!

The chief misplaced a large order of doughnuts.
Hee hee hee, no doubt!

Mmmmm, donuts.