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Getting the ball rolling...

Well, I did it. After poking around UTEP's website I finally called up one of the admission's counselors and she put me on track to figure out how to get back into grad school

I just emailed the Graduate Advisor for the Civil Engineering Department about my situation and I asked him for his suggestions on how to get back into grad school and into the Civil Engineering Department. I don't think it'll be too hard, but I want to get this sorted out now so that hopefully I can start up in the Spring 2005 term.

Now I get to sit around and wait a while until I hear back from him.

Ok, back to work.


good luck!
mu-chas gra-cias
Congratulations and Good Luck!
Good luck! Maybe I'll see you around campus next semester.
Thanks :)

If I do go I'll probably be taking classes in the afternoon/evening so who knows. It would be cool to know someone on campus (when I was walking around the other day, I felt very very old ;)