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Quick Recap

I wanted to do a quick post before bed.

I spent most of the weekend helping my sister with her remodeling project and we're almost done. We ended up being just a tiny bit short on the wood floor (about 4 planks worth) and she's picking that up tomorrow (so I get to swing out to help her finish it up after work). I have a fairly busy few days ahead of me (so of course I'm up and posting now ;). It's been tiring, but I'm quite happy with how things turned out at my sister's house. My suggestions and the stuff I helped them do seem to have made a huge difference in the entire project and that's cool. She had some problems with the electrician she hired though (that'll be it's own rant though).

Hmm... come to think of it, I'll do a more detailed post later... when I feel like punting even more. However, right this minute, I'm dead tired and I'm going to crash. 'night all.

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