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bruce lee

Battle Royale

Right, so....

A post....

Ummm.... Bleh.

As those of you that I've talked to lately know, I actually have tons of stuff to talk about, but I just can't seem to find the initiative to sit down and post. Instead, I find myself playing Breakout or Tetris (one reason I love Linux is that it comes with a plethora of games that I actually like to play from time to time). Heck sometimes I've even ended up botting over to windows (*gasp*) and playing Doom 3.

Speaking of which...

(10... 15... 25 32 minutes later after some email and a game or so of breakout)

Umm... where was I? Oooo phone's ringing

(1 hr 37 minutes later)

Oy. To say that I'm a bit scattered lately would be putting it lightly. Eh, I saw this in a friend's LJ so might as well give it a shot. There's no way I'm producing full sentances and stringing them together into anything resembling a paragraph...

  • Finally saw Battle Royale. Good movie, but not as earth shattering as I thought it would be. Definitely something interesting to watch though. Glad I picked it up.
  • I'm getting old. I actually decided to opt for the cheapest way (I could find) of purchasing the Star Wars DVDs instead of going for instant gratification and scouring the city for them
  • I really need to do something about my slacking. It's been getting really bad lately and I can't quite figure out a way to snap out of it.
  • Need to start working out more. As always.
  • House is a mess. Need to clean. That's pretty standard too.
  • Big meeting on Friday. Will hopefully be the first big step to resolving the big looming business problems of the last year or so. I've already started crossing fingers.
  • I've had my phone for just over 7 months and I've already put about 180 hours it. That's about 7.5 days of talk time. I need a life. Well one that revolves around people that I can hang out with... in person... more often.
  • I should be in bed already
  • I need to reinstall XP and Linux on this machine, it keeps having some weird hard drive issues. After last December's hard drive crash, I'm super paranoid about "weird hard drive issues"
  • I'm done for now
  • Good
  • Night


I'm still having trouble making a dent in the to-do list.

Heck at this point I'm still finding things to put on it.