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A day off...

Wow, I have an actual day off. I haven't had a bona fide day off for about a month. This is so cool, I have nothing that needs to be done today. If I only managed to take a shower and get food the day would be a complete sucess. Mmmmmm sloth.

Although as luck would have it my brain is parsing "day off" as "day to do other stuff that you've been putting off for a while now"

Heh, typical. You know, for someone who has always identified as a slacker, I have a really really hard time not doing something at all times (the only problem is that I tend to have a hard time properly prioritizing things ;). Hmmm so I wonder what I will do today...

Oooo, I know. Time for breakfast.

Mmmmmm leftover pizza.


any progress on your comp?

This is the HS/F that I picked up for Saul's machine. He's running at 3000+ barton as well and it's cooling it to the low/mid-40s. If cooling is off a bit, this might be a good/cheap alternative.
It's working fine now.

I had some issues with it last night because the hard drive enclosure I took out didn't connect right afterwards, but I got that sorted out. I think I'm going to flip the drives around and do a major re-install soon.

Hmm... that looks interesting. I want to try the new fan locations we talked about first though.

Oh, and SW:BF was quite fun.
Leftover pizza is definitely a good choice for breakfast munchings. ;-)
By the time I got to it it was more like lunch munchings, but it still hit the spot.
yay for days off and doing nothing :) ha i woke up at 3. w00t

You know, I've never been able to do that. After about 6 hours my body pretty much insists that I get up or face the consequences (those being a horribly stiff back and generally feeling craptastic for several hours after waking).

Heh, somedays I really wish I could sleep past 10 or 11-ish.
You know, I have NEVER been one to waste a day off. Matter o' fact, I waste time that shouldn't be wasted... it's called laziness... a very bad habit. And since you're such the home improvement guru, next time you're looking for a day to be productive, I'd definitely let you take a shot at my house! :)
Well, fwiw, I didn't waste my day off. I was properly sloth-ful and slug-like all day.

Heh, if I lived closer, I'd be game for helping with house stuff :-p
Helping? You see, my friend, I have no design sense. I can't picture CRAP when it comes to home improvement stuff. I'll be lucky if I get any pictures on the wall before Christmas! They need a show on TLC for people like me... it'll be called "Help me, I have no concept of "flow" and I can't tell the difference betwen an inch and a foot" lol... kinda long, but you get the idea.
Heh, you're talking to someone who has stuff like this:

as home 'decor'

I may know the difference between and inch and a foot but I'm no interior decorator, that's for sure :-p
So what's wrong with that? By the way, love the fireplace!