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purple dragon

Dust Bunnies from Hell (part 1)....

I spent most of this evening making a big dent on the clutter in the office/computer room.... I am now thoroughly sniffly and sneezy. Keep in mind that I'm not normally allergic to stuff, but large enough quantities of dust will make me unhappy.

Anyways, I've reorganized things and made notes of what I need to acquire in order to put things away or in more useful areas.

I have a TV that's been sitting in here for a year and a half because I have no convenient watchable place to put it. I think that it will soon be living in a shelf space over my desk. Granted I need to actually build this space first. I'm also thinking that it might be time to acquire a new monitor, this Hitachi has worked wonderfully for many years (6 I think), but its definitely getting a bit on the dark and fuzzy side and that's starting to make me unhappy.

Based on how much I got done today, I would estimate that I will be done cleaning up by Weds or Thurs... However, this estimate is subject to revision and complete abandonment.

You know, I just can't deny it, my life is boring and non-dramatic right now... The sad thing is, that actually makes me semi-happy ;)