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spooky old house

Fall re-arranging

Well, this afternoon I finally decided it was time to re-arrange the 2nd floor.

I'm tired of having so much space and having it poorly used (read: cluttered). I don't even have that much stuff (relative to the room) and there's a fair bit I can get rid of (there's definitely som clothes that have to go). So, I'm going to try and tackle and finish one room at a time before moving on to the next one. Right now the plan of attack is office - bedroom - guest room - hall bath. The 4th room and the J&J bath are still big question marks (I've decided to stop using the 4th room as quasi-walk-in closet)

So for the next few days/weeks the 2nd floor of the house is going to be a disaster area (well more so than it already is)

Fun fun fun.


When you are done, you can come by my place and straighten up if you wish. ;-)
So you icon. . . is that your house? I think you've posted this picture before.

Just being curious/nosey. ;)