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Some amusing camera-phone pictures from my recent travels around town...

Ok, yes, I admit it. There is a certain "huh-huh-huh-huh they said cock" mentality to taking this picture, but come on. Imagine seeing a couple of pallets worth of these things sitting in Sam's. It was at least worth a snicker and a quick snapshot ;). Remember:

Poppycock, It's the Nuttiest!

It seems like there should be something really clever to say about this, but really, what can you say about the people who put this on their car? Well other than wondering if there is a little miniature Christ inside their car on a hamster wheel making it go. Wouldn't the sign make more sense on a t-shirt? The car sticker seems... poorly thought out... Imagine all the other places you could put it (e.g. casket, dumpster, port-a-potty, the bag that holds the communion waffers, etc...).


camphones are the best. *snicker* yes i am like, ok nutz and cock in one reference already........
Camphones are definitely cool.

I am often surprised how often they come in handy for work stuff.
someone needs to scrape off the T
I agree! That would be funny.
dude! these camera phone images are great! oakie's been running about with his sony erickson t610 (?)and it's not nearly this good. very fuzzy... though i can't really complain since he's managed to get some impressively unflattering shots of me. at least they're fuzzy!
Well this one (an Audiovox CDM 8900) had the option to increase the resolution on the photos. It came with a much lower resolution set by default. Maybe Alok's is the same way?

Heh, don't worry, whenever I get out that way again I'll be sure to take plenty of in-focus unflattering shots :-p


That first picture reminded me of a similar snackfood I found at Wal Mart. I found a bag of cookie clusters with almonds inside called "Nut Poppers." Or were they Nut Crunchers?

Re: Poppycock

Heh, yeah.

It's one thing when they screw up naming something for a foreign market, but you'd think they could come up with some nicely generic names for their wares :)

Re: Poppycock

i think my favorite generic-food name is still "Crispy Hexagons".
Oh, I wish I had a camera phone the other day...

There was a minivan with various religious stickers, two of which were anti-abortion. One said "Abortion: It's killing babies, wounding mothers, and hardening hearts." But the other one was so great:

"Abortion: Something inside of us is dying."

Everyone in the car looked at it, sat about one minute, and burst into terrible laugther which we could not stop for some minutes.
Yeah, you have to wonder about some of the uber-right (and uber-left) bumper stickers out there.

It just seems a bit strange that they want to conndense their philosophical views onto a small pithy saying and then put the resulting sticker on their car.