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superfly t.n.t.


Ok, dating rule #38:

In any given relationship, the dumper shall wait until the dumpee indicates that they feel like striking up a friendship before initiating friendly contact. Until then contact should be avoided whenever possible. If contact must be made it should be made with the realization that the dumpee probably HATES the dumper (unless they indicate otherwise).

Damn it. I Heard from the ex today. Apparently 2 months was supposed to be enough time for me to feel all better about the whole cheating on me and dumping me thing. She even had the nerve to act surprised/hurt that I was still not feeling particularly chatty with her.


(no, I didn't back down from being grumpy at her, but it annoyed me more that I had to deal with her being upset at me for something so stupid)


Yeah. It's hard to know how to "get over" stuff like that. Sometimes being a friend makes perfect sense, sometimes it just feels weird/uncomfortable.

I know a few people who aren't speaking to me based on stupid behaviour on my part when we were dating. I suppose it's easier to not take offense when you own up to your role in things not working out.

I think she's still trying to play that "Well yeah I feel terrible that you feel upset about what happened. I didn't mean to hurt you/do it and you should forgive me now so I can stop feeling terrible, and since you aren't forgiving me now, I'm getting annoyed at you because you really should forgive me already" card.

Thanks for the advice. I did actually end up doing that and it did in fact help.