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Homicidal Hell Hounds

So Zhaan and Saks seem to have a new hobby.

This afternoon, I found their fifth kill. So far, in the last 2 months, they've killed five birds. I had wondered what was going on, but yesterday I finally got a good view of what's going on. When I was working on Molly, I noticed that they scarfed down most of their food but left a few crumbs at the bottom of their dishes. This is somewhat unusual for labs who tend to scarf down all their food and their plates some days.

But the weird thing is that then they waited.

They actually waited and tried to look uninterested until some birds decided to help themselves to the food in their dishes. Then they both attacked at the same time. They didn't catch anything then, but they went right back to their spots and waited again for a while. I saw them do this 3 times yesterday (between taking breaks to go play, go bark, go lie in the shade, etc...).

I didn't see them catch anything, but they seem to have gotten lucky today.

It's kind of bizarre that they both do this. I suppose Zhaan taught Saks (I know Zhaan used to do this once in a long while before I moved to this place). Now they both seem to enjoy luring the birds in and catching the occasional one. I guess I didn't think that dogs would be quite so clever (or evil). They're the sweetest dogs imaginable, totally friendly and happy and goofy (as labs tend to be) but they seem to like killing those birds. Even more interestingly, they don't actually do anything with the birds they catch, they just kill them and leave them for me by the back door, I guess they're trying to earn their keep ;).

Heh, makes me kind of glad that I don't have feathers :-p


GRAWR!!! aww theyre back-to-nature doggies :) i tried to feed my cats meat but they just drag it all over the kitchen and its messy
Heh, my dogs will happily eat meat. They're my designated garbage disposal for meat stuff, but they seem to be somewhat unsure about what they're supposed to do with the birds once they dispatch them (so they bring them to me).

Who knows, maybe they want me to throw a pigeon on the grill for them (serves them right for not having opposable thumbs ;)
My dogs like the squirrels. When they see one in a tree, they'll sit pretty at the foot of the tree, as though waiting for the squirrel to throw down a treat.

They have very little hunting skills-they only know how to beg!

They're trying to psych the squirrels out into jumping freom the tree and committing suicide. Apparently the squirrels are immune to their Jedi mind tricks.
Now that you mention it, Sacha does do this thing where she waves her paw in front of the squirrel, in a circle, but only once. And she does it slowly. As though she's erasing the squirrel's common sense tactics.

I never could figure out what she was doing.
I bet you she's working on her Jedi mind tricks.

"These aren't the nuts you're looking for. You don't need to run up that tree. Run into my mouth."

I'll try to get a picture while I'm in Houston so you can see her at work.

Those Golden/Shepard mixes can be pretty smart.
Awwww, they are leaving their beloved master *presents* They loooove you. ;-)
Heh, I'm kind of glad no one else I know loves me that much ;)
Try changing the lj-cut to "avicide". I followed your link figuring on a fishtank-stalking story.
Grammar Republican ;)
Bring them to my place to train my mutts to catch all the critters. The cats are the evil ones around here!
Heh, my cats do their fair share of critter killing. They pretty much try to kill anything smaller than them in the house.

Fortunately the dogs and I are usually safe (although they have been known to attack the occasional wagging tail, or sock covered toe)
huh. that's kinda creepy. but probably a reasonably healthy thing to do, at least for dogs.

also, doesn't the ichthy- prefix usually mean fish?
(bizarrely, i wrote that last night and only realized this evening that i hadn't posted it. ah well.)
Your mind is going ;)
well, i knew *that*.
They seem to find it a highly entertaining sport, and I have nothing against thinning out the local bird population.

I just wish I didn't have to go around throwing away dead bird ever couple of weeks.