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skull & cross bones


Believe it or not, I actually got around to doing my civic duty early. I voted this afternoon, so now I don't have to worry about forgetting about it later or having to deal with long lines etc...

No long lines to be found out here today. It took all of 15 minutes.

So it feels good to have gotten that out of the way. Granted in this state there's a good chance that my vote won't really count, but I can always hope for an upset. I mean, wouldn't it be cool if those "swing" states actually turned out to not matter because the vast majority of the country got it's head out of it's collective ass?


Mmmm, democracy in action ;)
Chris Matthews analyzed the swing states this morning on the Today show, and he showed how Kerry would emphasize different subjects in different states according to their needs. Bush... all he had was "national security and terrorism" in every fucking state!!! Don't you love how he's campaigning and relying on Americans FEARS rather than his leadership. I swear to Jah if this fucker gets re-elected, I'm moving to Canada...
Yeah, Shrub and his people must have a really low opinion of the American public. I hope they're wrong and people can see through the Bush rhetoric and related crap.

My current favorite bit of campaign BS is how Bush is accusing Kerry of practicing "the politics of fear" over social security and the like and yet Cheney is still raising the possibility of an impending nuclear attack if Kerry is elected.

How does that work?

If Bush gets re-elected moving to a third world country like Mexico would seem a lot more appealing.
hmm. good idea. i was thinking of doing that...which means i should actually get off me ass and go vote early.
Yeah, it would be good to vote early. If 11/02 follows the trend for early voting (i.e. about 2x as many people doing so), it's going to be pretty crazy to go vote on voting day.
i can only remember one election where we had to stand in line...1996

rather sad commentary about the people that live around here actually :-(