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purple dragon

Holy S**t!

Now, I'm not going to claim that I'm a baseball fan, but I do have to admit that I'm rather happy that the Sox somehow managed to pull it off (hey come on, I lived in Boston for 5 years, if I'm going to root for anyone it's going to be them).

Now why couldn't they do this last year when I was in town. It would be neat to be a tourist in Boston right now, I've never been to a riot before ;).

As tk7602 and others have pointed out, at least now people will shut up about the "curse of the bambino"

Correction: They'd have to win the world series in order to overcome the curse. Hey, it could happen.


Well... when we win, we would hav3e already broken the curse, right? Otherwise we wouldn't win?
So, logically, doesn't it follow that we break the curse in the act (beating the Yankees, for instance) before winning the Series?
I will consider the curse lifted the day they change the sign on Storrow, regardless of the outcome of the World Series. But I speak as someone who has adopted Boston as her hometown rather than as a baseball fan ;P.
LOL, heh, same here.

I'm mostly happy that so many of my friends are happy at the outcome, not so much because I care that they won.
Hmmm... I'm not an expert on curses, but if the curse states that they won't win a world series, then the actual act that breaks the curse is when they have their 4th win in the series. Everything that leads up to it is necessary for breaking the curse, but the curse is only broken if they win the series.
part of the curse is also that they've been to the WS 4 other times in the last 86years, losing in Game7 those 4 times. Being swept in 4 is embarrassing, losing in 5-6 is disappointing, losing in 7 is heartbreaking....thus, the curse.

Celebrations in Boston

It ain't a celebration unless a few noses are broken :-P