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skull & cross bones

The plague

I'm sick.

I've been up all night with some funky stomach discomfort (not quite pain but unpleasant enough to keep me awake). Ugh. I want to sleep.



awww I'm sorry...had that not too long ago, was quite unpleasant :( Hope you feel better soon.
Ouch. As you can imagine I can sympathize with what you went through. Thanks for the well wishes, I really hope I don't get stuck at home on halloween.
Thanks, (as you might have guessed) I hope I feel better soon too :-p
Thanks :)
Wow. I hope you don't have what Todd had. Feel better.

I think I'm feeling better finally. I ended up zonked out most of the day, but (fingers crossed) I'm hoping I'll be functional tomorrow.

Well functional-ish.
Being zonked out for a day can do a world of good. :)
GASP!!!!! We're you bitten?!?!?!?!
LOL, nope.

The accompanying icon sums up my day.