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Vicodin is good...


I feel horrible today. Well, I felt horrible. Right now I feel pretty ok but that's thanks to ye olde Vicodin.

I don't know what the deal is, but this really sucks. I bailed on a party last night and movie marathon tonight. I even missed a couple of calls tonight while I was passed out on the couch. This has been the most disappointing halloween ever (and usually this is my favority holiday). I had so many cool plans and all I ended up doing was sleeping and kinda sorta watching DVDs (and yesterday I couldn't even make it downstairs long enough to watch DVDs).

So does anyone out there know what exactly a stomach flu entails? I'm feeling bad enough that I'm seriously considering going to see the doctor soon because it seems like I've been dealing with this for a while, but I've heard from at least a couple of people and it sounds like a stomach flu can actually be pretty damn miserable and it can last a long while, but it's not actively dangerous for your standard adult. I'm torn since it seems as if it's just a cold/flu it would be a waste of time/money, but if it's something more serious then clearly I should go. Any thoughts?


Dude, you've been sick for a while now.....go to the doctor. That's my 2 cents.
jasmine tea, and grapefruit seed extract. lots of them. don't waste time with the doc.


IMNSHO money and time are so wasted on them.

i think it was going around our office a few weeks ago here in cruces.
When Todd was sick two weeks ago, it was a combination of stomach woes, fever and aches. He spent a lot of time in bed on Theraflu.

It also doesn't hurt to have Immodium and GasEx on hand, if that isn't TMI. ;)
not much in the way of useful advice, but i hope you feel better soon.

there seems to be more cold/flu business going around this season than i remember from the past few years...but then, i used to be sick *all* the time, so mabye i just didn't notice.