Dragon -V- (dragonvpm) wrote,
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Despite how much it sucks being sick, I must say, there's nothing quite as nice as sitting home, enjoying a nice bowl of delicious homemade beef stew (courtesy of my mommy who whipped up a whole pot of the stuff just for me) and basking in the warmth of my furnace on our first legitimately cold day/night. We're into the low 40s already and should be hitting mid 30s overnight, certainly not arctic temperatures, but cold enough to make you notice.

It's a good thing I fired up the furnace this morning, I actually made it into November before I needed to start heating this place, but it's definitely going to come in handy tonight.

Well, I'm going to pop some more pills and curl up in a nice warm blanket and talk to a cute girl now. Probably going to call it an early night.

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