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It's V-Day

I was reading Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns and I couldn't help but cringe at how frighteningly prophetic some of the political and media elements in the story are. An utterly incompetent administration. A media system bent on spinning world events in order to maximize their ratings. People too caught up in their own lives and lies to care.

What once looked like an utterly unreachable dystopian fantasy is now starting to look an awful lot like the typical 6 o'clock news...

... just without any of the heros (super or otherwise).

Here's hoping the American people don't let me down today.

Get out and vote folks.


ballot all filled out! dropping it off before work tomorrow. Go Kerry! Woo!
What a beautiful post. Well put.
i voted on saturday. watched news all this evening. now i am depressed. fuck.

I know the feeling. I'm going to be taking a break from all news stuff for a couple of weeks.
sounds like a really good idea, to me. i don't like most of what i'm hearing from the Democrats in the news lately. argh.

today is better than yesterday, at least.
today is better than yesterday, at least.</i>

Always a good start.

You know, you should visit out here at some point, that way we can both avoid thinking about icky stuff and do random fun outdoors stuff that doesn't involve dealing with or hearing about evil people.
that sounds like a fine, fine thing. i've been thinking about it lately anyhow...i had vague thoughts of going to New Orleans the weekend before Thanksgiving, but that's come up quickly. not sure if it'll happen or not.

scheduling overwhelms me so easily these days...
(not that i was ever all that good at it.)
Don't worry about scheduling to come out here. Just let me know with enough warning so I can make sure the place is tidy-ish ;)

Seriously though, anytime you want to head out somewhere, you're welcome to come out this way. 99% of my weekends are completely impromptu so you'd be welcome anytime you can make it out.
i'll keep my eye out for tickets. i'm still hoping to hit New Orleans, maybe one weekend in December. and then i've got a family vacation - home for Christmas, an ocean sunrise on New Years, and then Tahoe with the family for a couple of days after that.

so...maybe January? El Paso and New York are the two other cities i want to go visit soon.