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The Incredibles

Heh, and in other news, I'm still battling it out with the last remnants of the stomach flu (mostly ok, but still exhausted) but I wanted to mention that any of you folks who've enjoyed Pixar's movies (Toy Story, Finding Nemo etc...) MUST go see The Incredibles.

Great laughs, great story. The animation was awesome (as always), but the story and the jokes etc... just nailed it. Man, I just can't praise it highly enough. It's definitely slanted to folks who dig comic books, but anyone who can just have fun with a movie should watch it. I was laughing outloud through a huge chunk of the movie. Wow, just wow.

It's an awesome movie and I am very happy that I went to go see it tonight. Hell, I didn't even mind having to sit in a theatre packed full of noisy little kids and their parents.

It's that good.

Go see it. Now.

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