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purple dragon

Woo Hoo

I just got a letter from UTEP. I've been accepted into the Masters Civil Engineering program for next semester.


KInd of makes a nice contrast to how I was feeling yesterday. It's still there, in the background, but I feel a lot more like I can actually prove myself again. I suppose that's it really. I just need to keep proving myself and doing cool things or else I start to feel stagnant and I start to feel like the stuff I've done before was just a fluke.


Now to figure out the $$$ situation. That should be fun.


Congrats! Now, to only hope you feel better. Take care! Have a restful weekend.
Thanks :)
*claps hands* Good for you.

Being a spiffy home owner, can you refinance and/or get a home equity loan to pay for the masters?
Thanks :)

I'd actually rather take out student loans to cover my expenses. An equity loan would put my house on the line and would have to be paid back no matter what, student loans are solely on me and if something should happen to me (e.g. death) they're forgiven. Also, so long as I'm taking at least 2 classes they can be deferred, and I'd be able to re-consolidate my older student loans and probably get a lower interest rate on the old loans I had from my undergrad days.

Plus right now the interest rate on those is lower than what I'd probably get on an equity loan on my house.

Student loans may not be for everyone, but they can be a nice deal if you need to $$. They're giving you money to work with at ridiculously low interest rates.
Exactly why I have them.. :) that 3% is a hard number to pass up. I'm actually doing alot better than I thought I would (so far) with the school payment. I gave up the dream of the mustang for now, and i've been taking my quarterly bonuses to put towards the cost. About 50% of the cost is paid for by work, I have to pay first, then I get reemburst from them, so, I'm only having to loan out about 30% or so of the cost, which, so far, is only about $3000. :)
Wow, hearing #s like that makes me really happy I live like 7 minutes away from the local university. In state rates are peanuts compared to what you're shelling out.
Thanks :)
Student loans are fun! Thankfully, I've only had to take out a few for my masters. For the past 3 semesters, I've just paid for it out of pocket, but I have a feeling that this coming semester will be different.

Anyway, aren't student loan payments kinda like electric bills? They're just always there? haha! Congrats on being accepted!
Student loans are great scams for students. They're not free and they can be a pain at times, but if you use them right they can also come in handy for a lot of stuff. Right now my big thing is figuring out if I want to deal with getting one to pay for this spring or sucking it up and just doing financial aid for next year to see what I can get (at which point I might even get some grants and shit like that)

Ah, the joys of figuring out how to finance school.
Heh. Some folks might have to ;)

but I'm hoping I can stick it out through a PHD so then I get to be Dr. :)

future grad student??

ah, well then consider this (amusingly dire) warning!