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spooky old house

Furniture ramblings...

House-ish furniture ramblings, with pictures!!

And thanks to cuzgoatsrkool for reminding me about this old series:

"Now Timmy, you look right into this Rocket engine while i stand behind this lead wall... We're gonna need another Timmy!!" - Mr Lizard

Anyone else remember the show this came from?


Dinosaurs!!!! I LOVED THAT SHOW! :-D

NOT THE MOMMA!!! :-D Oh I miss it, I wish it were still on.
Heh, yeah, me too.

I hadn't thought about it in years either. Makes me start to think back to other old shows I miss (like say Buck Rogers which just came out on DVD :)
OMG, help me out here with what show that was... All I remember was

"Gee mister lizard, I don't want to be here anymore!" *whimpering timmy*
Dinosaurs. I so want to watch some of those old shows now.