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da vinci dragon

How sad is it...

... when you are practically counting the minutes until the weekend on Wednesday?

Heck, I was pretty much ready for the weekend yesterday.

Today was uneventful (so in the grand scheme of things that goes down as a good day). I got some actual work stuff done (instead of playing telephone tag all day like I did yesterday) and I even got some writing done so I'm feeling semi-productive.

Granted, the house looks like a total disaster and I'm hosting thanksgiving here next week so I forsee some amount of panic in the next few days.


All things considered, I mostly enjoy it. Granted I'm always rushing around at the last minute getting things ready, but I like being able to pull off the big meals. There's something really gratifying about being able to say I made the turkeys and they were damn good etc...

I think I'll have to come up with something else good to make for Christmas (although that's a bit more of a hassle since I'll have to transport it to my mom's house, she insists on doing x-mas eve dinner at her house still)
When I got out of bed yesterday all I could think about was that I was far too tired for it to only be Wednesday. And now I'm disappointed that it's only Thursday! eh!
Heh, believe me I soooooo know that feeling.