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I want my $2.00!!

Credit card companies can officially kiss my ass.

I just got off the phone with Capital One over a $2.44 fee that showed up on my cancelled credit card.

These fucking idiotic numbskulls have completely and permanently lost any chance of having my business again, ever.

First they manage to not send my credit card a couple of years ago (right when I was deciding to seriously limit my use of credit cards). Annoying, but no big deal. I just figured the account was closed and that I'd just finish paying off the balance and be done with it.

I finish paying off said balance earlier this year and pretty much stopped thinking about them entirely. Until September. When they sent me a bill. For the yearly fee. Fuckers.

So, 30 minutes later, I've communicated to them that I do not want to keep my account with them and that I refuse to pay the membership fee. After several attempts to convince me that I really do want their card and several responses indicating that no, I really fucking don't, they finally said they'd take the fee off.


Then last month I got another statement. By this time, they'd almost managed to rack up $100 in late fees, and the membership fee, and finance charges, and the ever popular, we're-going-to-fuck-you-and-you're-damn-well-gonna-like-it fee. Since I'd had a rough day when I got that bill, I gleefully called them up and bitched them out for about 15 minutes until they reversed the charges (after initially saying, well no you have to pay them, which is what really set me off). So off went those charges.

Except they managed to leave a couple of dollars of charges which then got hit for finance charges. FUCK FUCK FUCK. Now, granted, $2.44 is a relatively minimal amount of money. It obviously wasn't the money that was the issue. I just refuse to pay them any amount for their stupidity and poor business practices. It only took about 15 minutes to get through again today and they assured me that those charges would be removed, but I'm half expecting to get a bill next month for $30-40 for not paying that $2.44.

Sheesh, is it any wonder why I largely gave up dealing with these shysters? What's even more annoying, is that I bet you I'll have another 3 or 4 offers from various CC companies in the coming week (and probably 2 or 3 from Capital One).


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