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mr bill

Silver Lining (for everyone else)

So, as most of you may know, I work in construction, and I'm slowly but surely taking over my father's company (so that he can retire). As some of you may know, my father's company was originally, exclusively a plumbing company (and we still do a decent bit utility installation work). The net result of that is that I can pretty much manage any building/house related stuff that comes up (either doing it myself or knowing enough about how it's done to not get screwed over if I hire someone to do it) and I can personally deal with most/all plumbing issues that come up.

The following statement occured to me this morning as I dealt with my house's most recent attempt to incite me to commit arson.

At least when you guys say you've been dealing with crap all morning, that's not the literal truth

Yeah, it's been a long day.


oh. that sounds like no fun at all.
take a long hot bath?

Thanks, much appreciated.
Just to be a smart ass... my father is a septic engineer. At 5pm today (after i thought i was going home early to work on a law project) he calls me. He has managed to not only get a good sized CAT stuck in 4 feet of poo, he has dropped a tree onto the Mack, and with the low bed on it, can't pull the truck out of the mud. Thankfully he was about 5 minutes away from where I was, but I was out there in my nice work clothes in muddy poo trying to get the truck free so he could go home.

So, your not alone. *hugs*
Ok, so it looks like your dad actually has a shittier job than mine ;).


Thanks for cheering me up with that little story :)

What arson-worthy thing did it do this time?
The house drain got clogged up. It was not fun having to deal with that. Also the roof has a small leak that wasn't noticeable until we'd had 3 consecutive days of rain (but which I need to deal with sometime in the not too distant future).

Oh and it's drafty and cold.