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swiss army knife

Mmmmm.... paint fumes

Well, I've spent the day prepping and primering some old furniture pieces that I wanted to spruce up and I just started painting them.

However, I needed to take a break thanks to the paint fumes. I decided to go with spray paint so I could get a really nice smooth gloss finish and I am now paying for that decision....

I need to find my resperiator ASAP. Otherwise... bye bye brain cells (and I'm rather fond of them).


and I am now paying for that decision....

me too hehe
Hey, at least the final outcome was pretty cool. I'm almost done with the last bit of spray painting and I'm hoping to tackle the staining and maybe even get started on the actual room painting today.
Heh, I was. I dug out my respirator and that made a world of difference. Now I just have to deal with the overspray in the room, but so far the stuff I've painted is looking pretty darn cool (pictures coming soon)