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Now my weekend can begin...

I did end up going in to work for a couple of hours this morning, but mostly I just had to deal with making some calls and talking to my dad about some jobs we've got coming up. He's going hunting tomorrow and I'm officially off for the rest of the day so my weekend offically starts now. Heh and best of all, I have tons of leftovers in the fridge so I'm set. I can lay about all weekend (or more likely finally paint my bedroom and finish painting some furniture).

Well, it's just about lunch time and I have about 2 dishwashers loads worth of dishes that need cleaning so hopefully I can get that going before I heat up some grub.


woohoo! leftovers! have fun painting... i should paint too.
Well, so far, I've made a good dent in painting and in the leftovers, so it's been a good weekend.

What do you need to paint?
cool. i need to paint my bathroom cupboards. i have this leftover paint from my last apt and these cupboards have no paint. the bathroom is mostly tile, so it looks out of place kinda. sigh. i am lazy though :P
You know, I don't mind painting so much as the whole clean-up thing afterwards.

Same thing goes for cooking now that I think about it.

I'm selectively lazy ;)
excellent. i'm with you /all the way/ on this one. hehe
I thought of both you and Dave when I was at the El Paso airport. I hope you had a good Thanksgiving. :)
Heh, too bad we couldn't have swung by to say hello. Pesky metal detectors and stuff ;)
If I remember correctly, we were off the plane and back on again within just a few minutes.

Speaking of metal detectors, did I tell you the knife story? I can't remember if I did or not.
hmmm... nope, I don't think I heard about the knife story.

Do tell :)
I forgot to put this in my post and didn't see the point in mentioning it after the fact, but. . .

I had a knife that I would carry with me when I went downtown since I'm usually walking by myself.
It also came in handy to cut open boxes and things like that. Well, my punk rock friend John gave it to me, so it's kind of big knife and it's definitely mean looking. Anyway, I forgot that I still had it in my bag when we went into the airport!

So when we got to the security booth, they ran my purse twice (with strange looks on their faces) and then said they would have to search my bag (with gloves and all!). So this lady puts on gloves, pulls everything out of my purse, pulls out the knife and holds it up like it's police evidence. At that point, I could feel my stomach drop. Then she picks up her radio and says some numbers that in my nervous state I assumed meant "arrest this woman-she's ruined Thanksgiving." The next thing I know, two guys walk over to the table. And then I really thought I was going to go to jail!

But it turns out that I was not the only one who'd ever done this. And legally, I could have the knife on me-just not on a plane. So they gave me the option of checking it, taking it to my car, or giving it to them. So I gave it to them.

The funny thing is, I've seen stories on the news before where they show all of the "weapons" that are confiscated when people fly and I have always said "who brings this stuff on planes?"

Apparently, I do!